Translation Pros is a Canadian Company...

... that provides quality, accurate and cost effective translation services to all kind of business as well as individuals with and outstanding customer service in a fast turnaround time. Our qualified team of professionals along with our high standards procedures and strict proofreading process guarantee we deliver the best possible translation. Our expertise includes commercial (websites, documents, publications, marketing materials) and technical (manuals, reports, operating instructions) translations in a variety of languages at a competitive rate. (631) 260-9054

Different Languages. One Meaning.

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If you are either a business or an individual,
we will be happy to assist you with the
translation of any document: websites,
articles, presentations, marketing material

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Technical translations can be complex and
it is critical that you find the translator who
understand the field and is practised in the
business. You have the peace of mind that...

We provide quality, accurate, reliable, affordable service in a timely manner.

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We understand that moreover word
accuracy, a translation involves
performing a contextual interpretation
to ensure the same meaning across...

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We are available 24/7, even over the
weekend, to deliver the product in the
timeline that our customers need with
high standards.

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Our translations are cost effective, with a
competitive rate calculated based on the
number of words with no hidden fees, no
matter the document type or the subject.

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Translation Pros was founded by...

...a Venezuelan-Canadian following a friend’s suggestion. Our organization emerged as a result of a winning combination! A motivated individual coming from a language centered family raised by parents with PHD’s in languages, who developed over 15 years of entrepreneurial acumen and became an immigrant that experienced the need of translations as well as understanding the importance to have an accurate one. Definitely a perfect recipe that has given Translation Pros its unique positioning.

Our Vision...

Connect a meaning through different languages.

Our Misson...

Provide accurate, reliable, cost effective and contextual translations to ... [read more]

Our Values...

• Knowledge
• Accuracy

• Passion
• Identity

• Caring
• Multicultural

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Please complete the information below. Please notice that for large translations or some technical projects, additional information might be required in order to provide an accurate quote.

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** Please be advised that provide a document will result in a move accurate quote. Quotes provided with number of words might have a variation when the final document is received.

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Translation Pros CR Inc.
509 Commissioners Rd West,
Suite 153.
London, ON. N6J 1Y5

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